Al- Noor Islamic School 2015-2016

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Results of Quran Recitation Activity

Assalam Alikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh

MashaAllah we had 67 students participate in the Quran Recitation Activity yesterday. The students did their best and all deserve to be acknowledge for the efforts they put forth throughout this year.

I’d like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the judges (Shaikh Abdulaziz, Imam Hassan, and Sr. Faiza) for accepting the crucial job of listening and scoring the students’ recitations. Also, I’d like to thank the following teachers and helpers who assisted in organizing the event:

  • Srs. Iman, Sahar, Eklas, & Samar: Quran teachers. Helped in coordinating the event.
  • Srs. Fawzia, Diana, & Maryam:  Islamic Studies teachers. Were in charge of different activities after the recitations.
  • Sr. Huma: Islamic Studies teacher. Was in charge of calculating the results
  • Sr. Shabana:  Islamic Studies teacher. Provided the goody bags for the event and helped coordinating.
  • Sr. Amena: Helped with the preparations and recorded all of the recitations.
  • Sr. Maria: Parent. Helped pass out goody bags and direct students after their recitations.

Also, many parents helped throughout the event. And finally I’d like to thank the parents who came to the event to support and cheer the students.

Jazakum Allah Kul Khair…

Quran Recitation Activity Results

(only the highest 3 scores will be announced)


Level 1A

Recited surat Al-Masad (10 students participated)

First Place Muhammad Kareem Zeino
Second Place Mohammad Hussein
Zainab Ahmed
Third Place Nadeem Salem
Tala Asad
Fourth Place

(only this time because the difference was too small)

Fiza Shaikh
Amina Ahmed

Level 1B

Recited surat Al-Humaza (12 students participated)

First Place Ubaadah Mehmood
Second Place Adhem Tareb
Third Place Farhan Faizal

Level 2

Recited surat Ad-Dhuha (12 students participated)

First Place Faaiz Qureshi
Saniah Mueed
Second Place Aymen Ahmed
Zeinab Hussein
Third Place Yezen Ghanayem

Level 3

Recited surat Al-Fajir (11 students participated)

First Place Zahra Qureshi
Dana Saleem
Second Place Aih Tareb
Third Place Donia Saleem

Level 4

Recited surat Al-Infitar (5 students participated)

First Place Safa Hussein
Second Place Faizaan Shaikh
Third Place Aliyah Hashmi
Yasmin Hussein

Level 5

Recited surat Al-Mudathir (2 students participated)

First Place Umer Khan
Second Place Beema Fatina Faizal




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No School Notice

Asslam Alikum wa Rahmatu Allah

The school will be cancelled today January 10th due the weather. Please, pass on the words.

Please check your child’s homework pages on the school website ( to check the midterm dates and materials that need to be reviewed. If the page(s) is not updated, please feel free to send an e-mail to the teacher(s).

Keep warm!